Friday, February 5, 2016

Shades of Green and Gap Boots

Happy Friday!

Here is a last-minute look that I threw together before work earlier this week.  Now that I've pared down significantly, getting dressed is much easier; however, the new challenge is not to wear the same pieces too often.  While I have much less, I still have a sizable wardrobe.  I digress.  

I truly love playing with colors!  My wardrobe is still very much like a crayon box or a painter's palette. 

Denim shirt and suede boots are from the Gap a few seasons ago, the sweatshirt and pants are recent purchases from J.Crew, and the lipstick is Rubywoo by M.A.C.

Until next time,

Today's affirmation: This day brings me nothing but joy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top 6 Instagram Posts for January

Happy February!

Here are my top 5 Instagram posts of January.  Check out my daily posts-- a mix of inspirational, #whatiwore, mindfulness and foodie posts at @sofullye.

1. I dyed my locs a dark, dark brown that looks black with navy blue highlights and I am loving it!

2. I have rediscovered that cafe life, and have enjoyed a few almond croissants while journaling or reading one of the many books on my list.


3. Almond during the blizzard.  He loves the snow!

4. This homemade coffee cake was everything!  I am back on my baking grind.  I gave most of this cake away, but I enjoyed it while I had some!

 5. Rubywoo.

6. The photo that sparked my #apartmentselfieseries.  I am loving my home space and loving me.

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Sweatshirt Tucked into a Leather Skirt

Good morning folks!

Here are some snapshots of a look I wore recently that I thoroughly enjoyed.  

I'm wearing a super soft sweatshirt by J.Crew tucked into a faux leather midi skirt from Forever 21 with Matisse leather boots.

On my left hand, I'm wearing a stack of bracelets I bought from a vendor in Soho years ago.  Now that I have decluttered by accessories collection from the perspective of joy, I am re-discovering gems that truly do spark joy.

I kept my make up simple with a touch of blush and Cyber lipstick by M.A.C.  And of course I'm wearing my favorite A Gypsy's Junk collar necklace.

Oh, and I channeled my good friend with this single, delicate bracelet on one of my wrists.  I usually inclined to stack and stack some more, but I really have been appreciating this look lately.

Here are some affirmations that are student focused, just because.

Another snapshot, another view.

More to come.

Today's affirmation: I am just the way that I am intended to be in this moment.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Favorite Looks of 2015, and a Reflection

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."

I came across this Zora Neale Hurston quote from Their Eyes Were Watching God while looking through Learning Style posts and drafts of 2015.   I had started a post, that I never published, on this day of last year with that very quote.  I don't recall all of my thinking around why that quote struck me, but I did mention that 2014 was a year of "tremendous growth."  As I reflect on 2015, another year of tremendous growth, I no longer think of growth as something that only happens sometimes and some years.  From now until the end, I will continue growing into my best self.  

A lot of questions were asked in 2015, and some were answered as well.  I turned thirty; I embarked on a self love journey; I finally started my novel (and other writing projects) in a dedicated, structured way; and I began consciously practicing mindfulness in all moments.  More on those and related topics to come as I begin transforming Learning Style into the lifestyle blog I've been envisioning.  Regardless, 2016 will be is a year of manifestation.  I look forward to sharing more of that journey here and of course, loving along the way.

Now, onto a few favorite looks from 2015:

1. Purple everything!  No wonder my sister suggested I get purple highlights.  More about this look here.

2. An impromptu photo shoot in Central Park an afternoon stroll results in these photos.  This look was all about the layers and accessories.

3. A summer look showcasing the way I will continue to wear crop tops in my 30s.

4. The look I started my tenth year of teaching with.

5. This orange and pink look had me flexing my complexion.

6. This look was really all about the socks and pumps.

7. I loved everything about this look, and so did my readers!

8. After these pants sat in my closet for a good two years, I broke them out and enjoyed this impromptu look!

9. This fall was a mild one, so I enjoyed fall fashion like never before!

Happy New Year to all!

Today's affirmation: I am at peace.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Simple Dress, Accentuated

Happy Wednesday!  

The good thing about shopping with someone who knows you well is he or she can give you perspective on something you may have otherwise looked over.  That is exactly what happened while shopping with my mom recently at a Gap Factory store.  My mom pulled out the dress showcased in this look and at first I thought, huh?  It just looked so shapeless and drab, like something a joyless person would wear to bed.  She encouraged me to try it on and I'm glad I did.  Though the initial size was too big, I belted it and it came to life.  I sized down and the dress instantly became a new favorite even before I actually purchased it.  Once again, my mom has assisted me with a find that I would have otherwise overlooked. 

As a curvy woman, I tend to shy away from loose, shapeless fits, but I have learned over time that those cuts also work for my body type, but it's all about the draping.  Check out some of my "shapeless" looks here and here.

I digress, back to the look...

I kept this look super simple with a thin gold and brown leather belt from J.Crew, grey knit tights and clog boots by Uggs.

My earrings are hard to see, but they're blue and gold studs from J.Crew Factory.  Assorted bangles were mainly purchased in Congo years ago, and the silver bangles were a gift.

Until next time,

Today's affirmation:  I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.