Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grateful for Fellow "Teacher Friends"

 Today was definitely a happy hour-enjoy-the-sun-kind-of-day. This year has been a year of growth for me-- personally as well as professionally. I am learning and evolving everyday and it feels amazing. With that said, this has a trying year. I have been challenged in new ways, a nice reminder that there is always something to overcome and there is always a lesson to be learned. 

Spring is finally here and my colors are finally on point with the season. I am loving these Gap moto pants, and enjoyed my subltle, neutral colors with pops of brightness. Olive green tissue blouse, linen blazer & yellow flats from J.Crew. Scarf from market in Mexico City and classic clutch from Coach. 

Arm candy! One of my lunch break selfies while sitting in the sun. This giraffe bangle from Baublebar is my favorite bracelet at the moment. 

Here are my tight, pipe-cleaner curls before I separated them. I am wearing Heroine lipstick by MAC with a Sephora brand gloss over it, and Fever blush also by MAC. 

I continue to be grateful for my "teacher friends," the friends who get the job the most. Today I met up with my guidance counselor friend, Doris who is always dressed and on point. I love love,her boots by Market, and her neutrals with a pop of color. 

With vibrant lipstick, by Stilla, and beautiful hair too. 

One more day until my eleven-day Spring break, seven of which I'll be spending in the sun in Puerto Rico. Yes, I am too blessed to be stressed. 

Until next time,
Miss M

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Time Flies!

Rosie is wearing Rogue in Love by Lacome and I'm wearing Exhibit A blush by NARS
Time has been flying by!  As a teacher looking forward to next week's Spring Break, I'm okay with that.  As usual I've been super busy-- writing lesson plans, gathering my artifacts (those of you teaching in NYC under the new teacher evaluation system know exactly what I'm talking about), being a graduate student, dealing with work drama and maintaining my social life.  On top of everything, I've resumed my exercise routine and am planning a last-minute, awesome spring break get-away. Yup, Puerto Rico here I come, again!

Here's what Rosie and I wore during our latest Teacher Tuesday session:

Rosie is wearing a Promod floral top, her go-to J.Crew Factory pencil skirt in burgundy, navy Hue tights and Saccoo Mary Janes.

I'm wearing a nearly neon yellow J.Crew Jackie cardigan, muted rose blouse from ASOS, GAP wide-leg pants and Fyre pumps.

Rosie's necklace is vintage, my necklace is from J.Crew Fractory
I love the way our colors look here!  I believe these big smiles are the result of our classmates pretending to photo bomb our seemingly random photos.  Yup, I do have a blog.  I forget that sometimes as well.

I like that Rosie mixes metals with her hoops and necklaces.  I love the balance of silver and gold, perfect way to compliment warm and cool tones.  Similarly, my necklace plays off of my grey pants as well as my cool-tone cardigan, and paired with my gold nameplate and rose blouse, my outfit's colors are perfectly balanced.
side-ponytail adds a fun element to this teacherly look

i love Rosie's David Yurman bracelet  Love love!

I don't usually wear pants, but a decent pair of trousers go a long way.

Yes, my blouse has cut-outs under the color. A fun, yet professional detail.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Time flies, but it is important to enjoy all aspects of life.  That's something I am thankful to have learned by now.  A lot of teachers engage in countdowns for weekends, breaks and summer vacation at all times.  While I appreciate an occasional countdown, I can't imagine only living for the days off. 

On that note, time to dig deep into my closet and plan outfits for this week without having done laundry and being assured that what I pick out will carry me through what I know will be a trying week.  Warm weather plus an impending break equals off-the-wall sixth graders.  Yet, as I affirmed during my challenging run today, I will teach and the children will learn.

Until next time,
Miss M

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Orange and Red

I shouldn't start every post off with what a week, but seriously, what a week!  It's Friday, yet,I'm posting photos from Teacher Tuesdays. Here are the photos Rosie and I took after a long evening of classes. This photo doesn't do our outfits justice-- I didn't realize how dim our windowless classroom is until now-- but a photo is better than no photo.

Sometimes we end up coordinating with out meaning to, but here our outfits played off each other nicely.

Rosie is wearing all J.Crew with boots by Rag and Bone and a David Yurman bracelet.

I'm wearing a J.Crew factory baseball tee and necklace, my favorite metallic tweed pencil skirt by J.Crew, Hue tights in brown, leather pumps by Frye.

There's nothing like an accessory, whether it be a necklace, lipstick, or both, to complete an outfit.  I really enjoyed Rosie's vibrant red lipstick as a balance to her burgundy pants, bringing the outfit together from top to bottom.

My outfit was one that I took a risk on.  It may seem like I do that often, but sometimes I also get caught in my typical types of looks.  I decided to pair the orange baseball tee with my tweed skirt and balance the warmth of the top with brown tights instead of my usual black.  I balanced the sparkle in the skirt with the necklace.  I also bought out my lipstick collection to see which one would work best.  I decided on a nude, Half and Half, and a red blush.  Nudes are tricky for me, as I have yet to figure out how to apply enough that lasts without looking dry and chalky.  I may need to use a pencil, and maybe even a primer. 

Happy weekend to all!
Miss M

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glasses are an Accessory!

I've been super busy with life, but I am showing up daily.  In addition to being prepared with a thorough lesson, showing up requires a great outfit and a smile.

Here's what I wore on Monday:
Old Navy chambray shirt, J.Crew Factory houndstooth skirt, Hue tights, Frye Regina boots

My Frye boots are breaking in nicely.  Soon they'll be as comfortable as my Frye Regina pumps that I practically live in.

nameplate, beetle brooch from Forever 21, Guess watch
I curled my locs using pipe cleaners on wet hair.  Nothing like curls to change things up.  Day one is always the tightest, but I love how the curls loosen with time. 

heart studs from Forever 21, Warby Parker glasses
This was my first day wearing my new frames, the Burke from Warby Parker, and I am loving them!  Much needed change of pace, both funky and fun.

Here are the photos from my home try-on kit. I think I made the right decision. 

Until next time,
Miss M

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Bringing Spring to Us

My, time is flying by!  Another frigid day in New York City.  Without planning, fellow-educator and future-principal Rosie and I were on the same page of bringing sunshine to us with our bright colors.  It may be cold, but we can still wear vibrant colors to help brighten up our days.  It's March afterall, and this is the time of the year where educators struggle most to keep up all the hard work.

Something I reflected on this morning while walking to work is: teachers are challenged with suppressing personal and job-related challenges so that they can do just that, teach.  Working with people, in our cases impressionable young people as well as adults, requires a lot of giving.  In order to give and to nurture learning, teachers often pretend that all is well, regardless of the reality.  However, doing so is especially tiresome because it is draining a reserve that is already depleted.  Therefore, at the end of the day, what is left?  How does a teacher maintain her personal life, while doing her best to maintain her livelihood?

While I don't have the answers to that, I do have a colorful wardrobe, and a collection of lipsticks that brighten my spirits. Here Rosie and I are catching the last of daylight after our afternoon graduate class.

Rosie: Boden short, J.Crew sweater and skirt, Hue tights, Ugg boots, awesome David Yurman bracelet. Rosie's tights are navy.  I really appreciated her colors today.  The lighter blue, red, tan and navy.  Perfect!

Me: pink J.Crew cardigan and mustard yellow skirt, purple Hue tights, brown Frye Regina pumps, Heroine lipstick.

My students told me I looked like a rainbow today.  My response was an enthusiastic thank you!  And I meant it!

J.Crew factory earrings on Me, custom earrings on Rosie
The beautiful thing about this photo is we each have on so many colors and none of them repeat.  Love love!