Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Sweatshirt Dress Revisited

Oh blog, how I've missed thee!  It's fitting that I return to my blog with an outfit post showcasing one of my favorite chill dresses, a sweatshirt dress of course.  This school year is now moving quickly, and in one week I'll be done with my graduate school requirements.  Whew!  

What a year!  From relationship and spatial transitions, to getting acclimated to a new school and finishing up grad school the second time around, a lot has transpired in the past month even.  I am very much so looking forward to summer, though not in the same-counting-the-days, don't-know-if-I-can make it sense of years prior.  

I feel like I've been saying this for a long while now, but I am truly working towards life balance.  Home life, social life (this includes dating), work life and personal life (this includes my novel-- it's happening, folks!).  

So here's an outfit I wore to work and felt completely at ease in.  I'm just being me, and most mornings I wake up as I did today, I thank the Universe for giving me another twenty-four hours to be myself.  

Sweatshirt dress and infinity scarf from J.Crew

 These are my favorite houndstooth tights by Hue.  Giraffe necklace from J.Crew Factory, long necklace from hair supply store somewhere in Bedstuy, assorted bangles and rings from my collection, Frye boots.

More later.

*Photo Credits go to my awesome colleague, officemate and friend who is truly a kindred spirit.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

On Location in Central Park

Happy Friday!

Here is a little #flashbackfriday action from that time I had a photo shoot in Central Park afterwork.  All buttoned up of course, with lots of layers and a few accessories.

On this day, I chaparoned art students to the MOMA.  If it wasn't for my lady coat, I'd probably look like a young student.  At this point in my career and life, I am just being myself.  Gone are those years when it mattered that people thought I was older or old enough.  I am no longer asking permission to just be me; therefore, my "teacher looks" are sometimes traditionally teacherly and sometimes now.

Shades of blue and green, why not?

I like the way my hair colors play off my collar necklace, and even the tan of my coat.

My latest sneaker, totally about that sneaker life at the moment.

Jacket is from Uniqlo several seasons ago; green cords, denim shirt and blue sweater are from the Gap,  Nike sneakers are from J.Crew and backpack is Madewell.

Can't forget my Warby Parkers and my collar necklace by A Gypsy's Junk.  The two-finger ring is from Urban Outfitters.

I love playing with colors in my closet.  It really makes it seem as though my sizable wardrobe is a lot bigger than it is.  Most of the time I wear an item in a new way.

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Cropped Sweater on the Weekend

Here are a few photos from one of my weekend looks-- a cropped sweater and high-waist jeans.  My go-to these days.  Oh, and there's little Almond too.  He loves being a part of anything that takes place outdoors.

I got more than $20 worth out of this cream-colored cropped sweater from Express.  This sweater is one of those things I mentioned in my last post that I loved so much that I bought two of.  The other one doesn't get as much wear, but it has a similar affect.  The sweater is paired with American Apparel's "Easy Jean," definitely my go-to black jeans.  They fit my curves perfectly and are high-waisted.  Enough said.  Boots are Ugg clog books, pretty comfortable and cute enough.  

I am loving a high bun these days!  Now that it is no longer a struggle to fit my thick locs into a bun, this is one of my go-to looks. 

Rocking my A Gypsy's Junk pieces again.


Thanks again to my little brother for taking this photo, and others.

Quilted Sweatshirt with a Pencil Skirt

Better late than never!  Continuing with the sweatshirt series, or rather outfits with the sweatshirts that I have worn numerous times this winter in numerous ways.

Here I'm wearing a cropped, quilted sweatshirt from the GAP.  I got it super cheap at a Gap that was closing while in Jersey, and the lady was right: I can wear it with everything and yes, I should have gotten two!  But, I'm trying not to have too many multiples in my closet, as I want to have less things, even if that means clothing.

I paired the heather oatmeal colored top with my current favorite wool pencil skirt from J.Crew, blue tights from Hue and my leather/suede mix Ugg clog boots.  Hunter green paired with blue, why not!

Assorted rings from Bauble Bar, A Gypsy's Junk, Nordstrom and J.Crew.  Can you tell which is which?  Giraffe necklace from J.Crew Factory and Guess watch.

I'm also rocking my Gypsy's Junk earrings.  Love, love this pair!

Oh, and I can't forget my go-to Warby Parker glasses.  I've had them for three years and I still love 'em.

Until next time,

Photo credits go to my little brother.  Thanks, little-big bro!

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Floral Sweatshirt

Happy Friday!

I mentioned in my last post that I am loving sweatshirts lately.  Here I am in one of my favorites, my only patterned sweatshirt, that I've styled in many different ways for work and for play.  Here I am before work one morning.

Gray is probably my favorite neutral color, and I absolutely love the vibrant flowers against the warm gray.

 I paired this J.Crew sweatshirt with my go-to Old Navy chambray shirt underneath, buttoned all the way up of course, with Gap 1969 cords and my gold wedge sneakers.

I've been digging into my rings boxes lately-- reminding me of the time I wore a silver ring on each finger in college and my mom thought it was a phase.  The rings are from a few places including Bauble Bar, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and the bead rings are A Gypsy's Junk.

The back of my hair.  Living out loud for real! And the decal coming across the shoulders makes me think of wings.